I'm sorry but can someone upload this in a torrent? This resized files are much better than the 13 gb version :o

Thank you anyways Ernie, thank you for sharing...for real! :bow:
OMG my stomach hurts so much! I can't stop laughing...the ending(Hamada's face) Killed me...HAHAHA :rofl:

Thanks for the subs my friend! PLEASE Keep the hard work. We appreciate it so much!
Thank you very much for sharing my friend!!! This year's batsu looks awesome :bow:

Merry christmas! and happy new year :rock:
Thank you very much for your hard work admin! :bow:
This so fcking funny! thank you for sharing! :bow:
Wow this is so funny! Can't stop laughing :rofl:

Good for "Kenny"...I guess...
I love you man. Thank you for sharing this! :bow:
Wow this is amazing. All this time(years) waiting for someone to sub this episodes. Thank you very much my friend! :bow:
This was so fckng funny! And Tanaka pissed off with Hamada :D
This was too much! Almost died laughing :rofl:
LMAO! this one was good, not that funny than the others ones...specially the oldest eps. Thank you very much for subbing this for us :clap: :bow:

BTW your signature gif it's pretty funny!!!
I waited for so long for this! You're the best...thank you so much!! ;) :bow:
Linking111 wrote:
Well, truth be told, I've finished translating tonight and have sent Jhivesubs the script. You might be able to have subs sooner than expected! :)

Wow thank you very much man! This episode was really funny without subs.. :D