lol. thanks for the upload.
Endo and his wife are so cute when they kissed each other.
thanks!!! :*
i was wondering if anyone can tell me the songs used in both part 1 and 2
omgosh i can't wait for this!!! :rofl: :clap:
love it thanks for sharing
Skillet - Hero
i really want to do it but i just dont know japanese enough...
still thanks to all the translator that are helping sub all the batsu games
i cant wait for this.
thanks for subbing this for the fans like us!!!!!
every dls should have an torrent link
we can put the order the videos came out in one topic so it is more organize and easier to fine
can someone upload all of them please?!!
i lost all of mines so i want them
i love Uchuu(Sora) no Komoriuta...
does anyone know if he released an album or cd for it?
thanks a whole lot!!!!!!!!!!
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