I can't find it. Is it still somewhere?
And - is there a posibility for an RSS/Atom? I can't find it either.
I would like to be able to see only new topics, not topics where someone wrote something new.

Thanks for answers.
Oglądanie z angielskimi napisami nie sprawia mi problemu. Prawie na pewno, zawsze, każda treść będzie najpierw po angielsku. Jak już coś obejrzę, to drugi raz nie będę pobierał, nawet jeśli dodane byłyby polskie napisy. Jeżeli byłoby jednak trochę treści po polsku (są na forum jakieś, ale raczej nie...
Great! Thank You! :)

And I want ask - from what Kiki is that:
Maybe You was watching it live (31 december/1 january). ;)
I was expecting something at the end. I dont know...

And of course - Thanks eChie.
From 6:13 to 8:00. (If possible whole video not only from 6:13 to 8:00)
Is there any subs or just transcript? I would know what were they talking about. :)
Great! Thanks zurui!
Policeman Hamada still chewing something... with those sunglasses... :D
Yay! :)
Wow, its the first time I see Gaki no Tsukai being involved with commoners. ;)
I think that those people must thought that they are being made fun of. (if not recognizable faces of Hamada or the rest of crew, those people would get ot of there right away ;) , well... maybe not in Japan)
wingslats wrote:
They formed in December of 2008 and released CDs in Feb and June of 2009. According to wikipedia, they're still active...but they haven't released anything since 2009.

No kidding!?
I thought that it was around 2000. Lol.
Nice found!
The secod one is great. :D
What years did they record it?
Well, i dont understand :P . Maybe some day I will. :)
Thank You! :)

So what he was saying was translated, right? And those kanji apearing at screen should be read in other way, right?
What would be the meaning then?
Look like they copied it:
Iron Chef clumsy as Matsumoto. ;)