that's part of this show and it's already translated
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so what did they say at the end? I couldn't understand because it isn't subbed yet.
lol that was really hilarious. I wonder what happened at the end XD
coucou si quelq'un a besoin du traduction de newspaper agency je suis prete a vous aider. pour l instant j'ai deja termine la premiere partie.donc envoyez moi un message si vous avez besoin d'aide.
also for streaming : watch?v=I1VLsB-cWSs&feature=related (part 1) watch?v=YR5PjuK5N98&feature=related (part 2) watch?v=fsRD7mps5T8&feature=related (part 3) watch?v=P_7mch1ZEyo&feature=related part 4) watch?v=4dvX-iZgG5c&feature=related ( part 5) watch?v=pkXsR5HiOBc&feature=re...
I can't believe it for endo and Tanaka . are they really like that? I think they have psychological problems. Endo was like lacking love from men and Tanaka who reallyyyyyyyyyy loves Matsuda. I hope they were just acting....or I would really regret seeing this! :(
his blue eyes makes me crazy!!!
but the commercial were kinda stupid, I think...