:$ well well..
Ernie can you add me to the list?

thank you :angel:
:hai: I'm also interested Ernie.
Thank you.
Thank Ernie as always.

The description key is in the spoiler. Just download the zip.
Just see the message just now, just 7 month later.
Sadly i don't think i have it anymore. I will check deep on my external hard drive when i have time, just in case.
Longtime we havnt see our Soudou here, hope everything ok~ :worried:
He have a hip problem.
So Matsumoto made his debut on Amazon Prime Video with his show "Documental" wich is basicly a weekly No Laughing (if i got it right).



Already 2 episodes are available.
First Gaki video i can't watch til end.
Most annoying person i ever see. :doh:
If i remember correctly someone from the forum have been to NHK, they have a shop where you can buy Gaki Stuff.
They will sunday. It' s a 40mn episode. 2x20mn :rock:
No new drive a gogo? :sweat:
Most important question, who is their favorite?
Kiki is back :rock: .
It would be cool to have a Absolutly tasty one someday.
soudou wrote:
andylau-fr wrote:
Who are the "They" you are talking about?

Ah sorry, I meant ErnieYoung, it's odd but in English "they" can also be used for an individual. :rofl:

Oook, i add no idea about this. Thank. :bow: