Derekclwong noticed 449 and 495 are same, 520 and 675 are the same video, now 449 and 520 replaced with the correct video. Thanks Derek! :bow:
methecooldude wrote:
19.07.2020, 20:29
Thanks are now working again :D
Сan you make the "thanks" button change color after clicking?
10 july Freeze Season 2 on amazon jp
has anyone seen season 2 links torrent, mega etc? Thanks!
firerevenge wrote:
Would it be possible to reupload the episode? The links are down unfortunately :(

bxdamaster wrote:
All I get is a bunch of ads, could someone upload it on mega or something more reliable??

obcdexter86 wrote:
Are the subs still up? The link's a 404 for me. Maybe region-locked?
About timing... only 1ep a little not perfect timing, but its ok to reading.
up Japanology Plus S2 82-100ep
up Japanology Plus S2 54-82ep
1989-1993 some files update, thanks to Derek from Tofu Panda.
no list of changes,sorry.
same for 1994-1995
terry175 wrote:
Hi, do you think it is possible to reupload episode 1-2?
The download link is not working.. thank you very much!

grindorth wrote:
anyone have all of season one i forgot to get them while they were available

Freeze 1-5
HITOSHI MATSUMOTO Presents FREEZE 松本人志が繰り出す、ドキュメンタルに続く新企画。8人の参加者が「氷の塔」へ集結。その塔の中で起こるすべての出来事に驚くことなく、戸惑うことなく、微動だにせず耐え、動かなかった者だけが、塔の頂上を目指すことを許される。必要なスキルはなし。ただ動かなければいい。しかし、想像を絶するナンセンスで過酷な試練が参加者を襲う!精神と肉体の限界を超え、動かずにいられるのは誰だ!? ggl translate New project following documentary...