I use this sub for my video (shibatabread and team sub)
I agree that, please take as much time as you need, subs can continue when the situation gets better.
I hope your father gets well soon.
Awesome job :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you to Mr. Shibata bread and everyone that worked on the last year gaki no tsukai batsu game translation, you guys are great!!
i downloaded the raw version too, but i don't mind re-download the video if it is with sub, thanks to the person that subbed it :rofl:
why tanaka doesn't eat his first takoyaki?
OMG, please sub it :nod: :nod:

Thanks for uploading them senkun.

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Alternate mirrors from me:

Contains both parts!

thank you thank you :clap: