soudou wrote:
A pure bright yellow by itself might not stand out as well on white.

I ment to put yellow in the little white folder icon inside the blue square.
You can try to change the color for the Folders on the right of every subforum to YELLOW. Let us see how that looks; perhaps more like gaki colors. Also, concerning the background, maybe you can put small gaki logos or faces of the GNT crew with their names. Do that if you think the background is to...
Thank you for the upload Ernie. I'm glad they're bringing back this gig, I recall an old episode of liar's hotel has been subbed.
It was set to 500x500 from the previous setup I guess. Thanks soudou! No problem! By the way I noticed under Pego's username is "?? emoticon code fail ?" I guess it's the rank. Best of luck finetuning! Thanks for your efforts. yes my signature was automatically downsized by the previous w...
I like the new ComBoot base for the forum. But Honestly, the background Murders it. Too much color is distracting. I recall this background picture being only on the top of the page, which is why it it didn't bother. maybe you can make it in GreyScale or change to a single color filter to dampen it....
Love it !

THis reminds me so much of GobuGobu !
Thank you for the sub!! That a funny one.
I rly hope this is on the subbing list. I really want to understand more of what he says. Well, actually I've been very slowly working on it along with some other rakugo / interview related stuff, and when time permits someone has kindly offered to help me in the future since I don't know Japanese ...
ErnieYoung wrote:
Interview Kokokara 2014.11.24 Rakugoka - Tsukitei Hosei
インタビュー ここから 落語家 月亭方正
Image!zBkQXSKL!guUdwS3Hm ... hYSYZct_68

I rly hope this is on the subbing list. I really want to understand more of what he says.
andylau-fr wrote:
||---PEGO---||, you tiped the wrong link for youtube. You tiped the youku link. :rock:

fixed :D :D :tmi: :tmi: thanks
Double post. Sorry.
Episode from 2014-11-25:



You can follow the episode both on youku and youtube, just search "ごぶごぶ"

Thanks andylau for the dailymotion
i found how far behind the link you sent us is. The episode that says 7-10 is actually the one that first aired in the tokyo region on 6-01. its the costume talk episode, and it starts with the classic "ladies and gentlemen" the two altest ones on the website are the kurata competition. I'...
The subtitles extracted from the recording should be already timed Edit - I just tried recording some tv show and extracting the subtitles from the .ts file. The times are there, but the subtitles aren't in text format, they are like DVD subtitles, those ones that are bitmaps and you have to use OC...